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About FlashCourse: Learn About Stocks, Bonds, and Money

FlashCourse gives you fun, fast, free courses about money, investing, stocks, bonds, crypto, banks, saving, budgeting, mortages, real estate, student loans, credit cards, options, futures, derivatives and so much more. No ads, no subscriptions - ever.

The most common trait among the world's wealthiest people is this - all of them understand money and investing. Yes, they know how to make money. But they also know how to invest money. They know how investing works. They have a plan, and they stick to it. This can't happen without knowledge about finance - but there's one problem...

Learning about money and finance...kind of sucks. Yep, we said it. It's super boring. It's try, it's riddled with financial jargon and terms barely anybody knows. Most of the great finance and investing tools out there either require you to already know what you're doing, OR they take advantage of the fact that you don't.

...Until now.

With FlashCourse, you can join THOUSANDS of learners interested in learning about money and finance such as stocks, bonds, futures, options, bitcoin, ethereum, the history of money, banks, taxes, budgeting and more – no matter how much experience and time you have!

FlashCourse makes learning the basics of money and investing fun and engaging with animated content to teach you what you want to learn, quick quizzes to test your understanding, and achievements to keep you motivated.

And best of all, it's FREE!

We get it. You log into your online bank account at Wells Fargo, Chase, Citibank, BOA or...wherever... and you're instantly hit with a wave of depression. You work SO hard - but your account balance just isn't quite what you thought it would be by now - right?

If a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, a journey towards building wealth begins with learning about money and investing. FlashCourse makes it easy, fun and free.

As a short, 5-minute part of your daily routine, you can learn about stocks, bonds, cryptocurrency, futures, options, bitcoin, ethereum, municipal bonds, or any other type of security.

Fun, animated courses include:
• Stocks from Scratch (bakery theme)
• Bonds, James Bonds (secret agent theme)
• Bitcoin Bananas (jungle theme)
• Futuristic Futures (robot theme)
• The History of Money (a journey through time)
• The Raging River of Money (white water rafting theme)
• The Magic of Ethereum (halloween theme)
• Litecoin, Camera, Action (movie set theme)
• Blockchain Cowboys (old west theme)
• Common Stock Circus (circus theme)

...and DOZENS more! All free. Yes - totally free. No catch.

Want to understand what you're seeing on that ticker on CNBC or Bloomberg? FlashCourse has your back.

Want to see your account balance on Robinhood, Fidelity, Etrade or TD Ameritrade grow? FlashCourse can help educate you.

Want to be able to have a simple, intelligent conversation about various topics in finance like building a stock portfolio, hedging with options, or what the heck Vanguard is? FlashCourse is there for you.

FlashCourse is the best and most fun way to learn about money and investing in just 5 minutes a day. Keep track of your progress, unlock achievements, and join a growing army of thousands of learners.


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If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at [email protected]

So far so good. User friendly, flashcard-quiz style learning, but make no mistake, very informative.
Keven U.J.
Very easy to understand concepts and content
Braynen Family
Very nice learning analogies for beginners!
Joseph Boyd
Nice why to get really good information about the stock market.. The app makes learning fun! A well designed app with quick pop quiz at the wnd of each chapter!
Matthew Baranowski
User Friendly
Melody Cooper
Great app! It's well developed. Its user interface is excellent and it's fun to learn from this app. In just a few minutes I've learned more about the stock market than what I've learned my whole life! I hig...