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About Drilla: Mine and Crafting

Drilla – it is an underground strategy that plunges into the excavation and research world.

The drill is under your control. Goal - to collect powerful drill and dig to the center of the earth. It is never boring, you can always find in the underground mine mysterious things, unknown resources or ancient treasures. Mine and unlock minerals, rare or not. Upgrade your drill, craft new parts according to secret drawings. Overcome difficulties, digging through solid rocks. Try to become the best digger in the world!

Key features

Various minerals.
More than 20 minerals are available in the game. You can extract and use every kind of minerals for selling or crafting.

Use mined minerals to upgrade your drill. More than 200 details are available.

Automatic digging.
Charge a battery and Drilla will dig and extract minerals when you offline.

World rating.
Become №1 in all leagues in the World TOP and take all rewards.

Help a gang of mole miners every day and they will share their riches with you. They have a lot of quests, you will not be bored.

Clan system.
Create own clan or join an existing clan. Share minerals with friends and compete in clans battles for underground treasures every week.

You can have an assistant in the game. It helps you with digging and decorates your Drill.

Treasures and boosters.
You can find boosters and treasures in the mine. You will take gold and rare minerals from treasures. Play using boosters to increase your digging and mining speed.

Collect collections of the ancient stuff and feel yourself like archaeologist :)

Tower mode.
To dig is not to build, but it can be. Solve the easy puzzle, collect blocks and build the highest tower.

Sometimes you can see a Yegor...

Did you like to drill? We will be very pleased with your good reviews!

If you find any bugs write to:
[email protected]

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