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About Rock Body, Fitness, Workout

Rock Body app is going to help you to have a fit body with its Fitness, Workout, Fasting, Diet, Drink Water Reminder, and Step Counter features. It is free and easy to use.

From now on we don't need a mirror to look our shape. The look on people's faces will tell us how fit we are. Remember no pain, no gain. But our app will make your workouts easier. You just need a strong will to accomplish.

Sports are part of our life. So we should make our life colorful. Our intend is to make it exciting by doing fitness, home workout, gym, and etc. Therefore we designer this free and beautiful app.


There are lots of different workouts. But choosing the best one is depending on your choice. We would say one of them is fitness. We are sure you agree with us. So that, do fitness with this easy app.

Your daily workout progress can be seen on one page. You can track tour progress and also you can track your weight and BMI. You can set your workout time and days. You will always stay on track with your fitness progress.

Every day there are different and upgraded workouts. There are new challenges for each workout day. The beginner, intermediate or advanced one. Also, we have 5 days - 10 days or 20 days challenge options. You may choose anyone. It is free.


Are your chest, abs, arms, back needed to improve? Are your muscles needed to strengthen? We can provide you to have great muscles and amazing body shapes. The best way to get fit. Besides, you can do it at home.

Push-up, pull-up, crunch, etc. you can see how it will be done. We have designed how to work out your fitness program. Our app is showing in the best way. You can check are you doing it well.

Not every fitness app will provide you with a home workout. But our schedules help you to do home workouts. There is no better place than home. Therefore alternatively do your sports at home.

There is also a calendar that shows your daily progress and gives you the best charts and logs you can see. Also, you can see how many calories you have burnt. How many days do you need to work out for accomplishing your goals?

🎂 Fasting

There is always be a new diet program. But one of them is to help you control your body by not eating anything for hours. This is called fasting. Fasting's main purpose is not to eat any foods for specified hours.

Fasting is helping to control yourself. Also, it will have a good effect on losing weight. You can lose weight in a small time by fasting.

🍔 Diet

Along with fitness, you need to arrange your daily calories. Our diet feature is helping you to adjust your daily intake. Also, you may want to lose weight. By making a diet you can lose weight.

🚶 Step Counter

This free and beautiful app is countering your steps in the daily process. We can give you a detailed report at the end of each day. We are always ready to present you a very detailed and beautiful report charts. It is easy to use and free.

Always keep up the pace with this elegant app. Always stay on foot, stay fit. Not only doing it by fitness but also doing it by walking or wandering around. Be mobile, so that your body will work non-stop.

🥛Drinking-Water Reminder

Workout is the best way to stay fit. Also before, after, and even during a workout drinking water is essential. Even drinking water on an hourly basis is crucial. Our app is reminding drinking water time occasionally.

Please enjoy and download this marvelous app. You can always be fit by using this app. Remember no pain, no gain.

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