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About iCardio Workout Tracker & Heart Rate Trainer

Track your runs, rides, all different types of cardio at the gym, daily steps, and activity all in one app. Add heart rate*, for more data, more accurate calories than you’ll ever find from the gym equipment, if the goal is to lose weight or keep it off. Add Power and/or Cadence to really bring your workouts to the next level!

• Free Tracking of Runs, Bike Rides & More
• World Class Heart Rate Tracking & Training*
• GPS Maps & Records Time in Workout, Distance, Speed, Splits, Laps and more
• Voice Feedback (English Only) – Customize when and what feedback you want
• Set Goals and Crush Them!
• See Activities, Steps & more online at
• Integrates with the top of daily activity trackers & step trackers like:
Google Fit • Fitbit • Misfit • MyFitnessPal • Withings
• Cloud based cross-device and platform support

With Google Fit integration steps & daily calorie burn come right from your device, no extra devices required!

Add a Heart Rate Monitor* and in–app upgrade and get the most out of your hard work:
• Real-time Heart Rate, Charts and Training Feedback
• Far, Far More Accurate Caloric Burn!
• Fitness Assessments – Measure Your VO2 Max & Overall Fitness Levels, Create Custom Heart Rate Training Zones
• Custom Heart Rate Zones – Create Your Own, through Fitness Assessments or choose one of the more accurate scientific zones provided
• Cadence sensor support!
• Power sensor support!

We support all industry standard BLE / Bluetooth Smart / Bluetooth 4.0 Heart Rate Monitors like Wahoo, Scosche Rhythm+, Polar H7, H10, Polar H6, Viiiiva, Zephyr, Orange Theory & more.

* Heart Rate Monitor and other sensor support and Fitness Assessments require in-app upgrades.

iCardio Free Version
(See Below for Full Heart Rate Monitor Supported Features)

Track your workouts indoors & out – runs, rides, Spin® and other exercises like rowing and elliptical*. Map your outdoor runs and rides, record your time, distance, speed and more, then share your results. Swipe through to see maps, charts, and other stats in real-time or in results.

• Track Distance, Time, Pace/Speed and Splits
See your progress real-time with easy-to-read metric screens. Swipe through to see maps, charts, and other stats.

• Listen to Voice Feedback as you Workout
Hear pace / speed, distance and elapsed time when you reach selected distance or time milestones (ex. every mile or every 5 minutes).

• See Your Results and Charts for All Workouts
View overall stats (pace/speed, distance, time duration and more) as well as pace charts, route maps, and split breakouts.

• Share Results, Charts and Maps
E-mail your workout results or post them to Facebook or Twitter. Export to .CSV, .GPX, or .TCX files and analyze your data in depth.

Real-time heart rate and training feedback. Enjoy great cardio workouts and track your health effortlessly with iCardio.

• Track Heart Rate with Real-Time Charting
Cardio is what we live for! Get the most out of your iCardio experience by monitoring your heart rate zones (fat burning zones, aerobic, anaerobic, etc.) using the real-time chart, in depth analysis and more. Custom heart rate zones supported and encouraged! Great customizable voice feedback based on zones and transition too.

• Calories Based on Your Heart Rate Intensity
Our calorie algorithms are driven by heart rate and factor in your height, weight, age, gender and fitness level – the only way to get accurate Calorie burn numbers. Don’t believe the gym equipment lies!

• Fitness Assessments
Ever wonder how fit you are, or if training is paying off? Now you can know with a heart rate monitor and our Fitness Assessments upgrade. Create custom heart rate training zones; estimate your VO2 Max and Fitness Rank (from 1 to 100, age adjusted), and more. Watch your fitness level increase with good training. How cool is that?

See more at

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Does everything I expect of it as an app. Itriwd many different products and haven't had the need to drop off I cardio. I have had many years of satisfying use from this product 😀👍 🆎
Andrew Bews
Best. Tracker. Ever. Esp when coupled with wahoo chest heart rate monitor.
Joe Tierney
Have used the program with my wahoo fit for over 500 workouts. It is easy to stay in zones and provides worthwhile tracking for targeting zones. Highly recommended!
Neil zaer
Excellent zone-change announcements
Stephen Leake
Great selection of exercise types from walking, to running and all manner of cycling. Easy to use, great features.
Anthony Kempka
Just switched to Android. Better than the iOS experience! On first try!