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About Reminder - Todo list, Habits

Oops! You are forgetting daily important things to do?

You can add memo on your Reminder App that you have to remember.

You can see all the memos you have to remember whenever you see your mobile phone from your first screen. Multiple times a day.

You will never forget important things again!

[Main functions]
- Manage Todo list easily from the first screen (You can easily manage your To do list with many gestures)
- D-day (You can easily see D-days of important days like birthday or events)
- Simple Memo
- Restore Todo
- Todo widget

Now manage your important tasks in the first screen with Reminder.

Scott Guy
Awesome organiser app! The developer has given real attention to detail... A really useful to do & organiser app! Using the list on the lock screen is invaluable & even it can be edited... all tasks & folder...
Breaking The Limits
위젯도 많이 개발해주시면 더 좋을 것 같습니다. -위젯에서 메모/디데이 등 표시 -위젯 투명도/색상 조정, 테마 선택 -위젯에서 완료된 항목 복원 -위젯에 표시할 카테고리 선택 -위젯 형식(4분할, 세로 나열, 세로 n줄 나열 등)
「 Damae 」