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About BMI Calculator - Adult & Child

This BMI Calculator your BMI (body mass index) to find out if you are:
√ Underweight
√ Normal Weight
√ Overweight
√ Obese (Class 1)
√ Obese (Class 2)
√ Morbidly Obese.

ADULT BMI CALCULATOR ----------------------------------------

★ Results for ages 21 and up
★ Ideal Weight (calculated using the DR. Miller Formula)
★ Body Fat % (calculated using the British Journal of Nutrition equations from 1991)
★ Weight Classification Chart

CHILD & TEEN BMI CALCULATOR ----------------------------------------

Results for ages 2-20 are calculated using BMI, Age and Gender to create a percentile. This percentile is then compared to other children and teens of the same age and gender, based on pre-established growth charts created by the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

★ Results for ages 2-20 years old
★ Z-Score
★ Ideal Percentile
★ Actual Percentile
★ Percentile Comparison Chart

*Our intuitive body mass index calculator will automatically re-adjust itself for 2-20 year old calculations as the AGE is entered.

ADDITIONAL FEATURES ---------------------

In addition to calculating your body mass index, this app also includes the following features:
★ BMI Recording & Tracking (save your results to view them later)
★ Review Your Results as a List, Calendar or in a Chart
★ Light & Dark Theme Selection
★ Past Entry Editing
★ Supports Both Imperial & Metric Measurements

Export your history as a CSV file for review or transfer it to a different device.
√ Saved to your SD Card (or internal) within the ‘Documents’ folder
√ Saved as a comma delimited CSV file.
√ Entry history only

Special note for devices still running on SDK Versions 18 (Jelly Bean) and below. CSV’s will be exported to the ‘downloads’ folder and you will need a file browser app installed to import.

To be upfront: there is one IAP, which is used to enable the PRO version of this app. Upgrading to the PRO version enables editing of past entries, removes ALL ads and grants free access to future upgrades.

**All calculations are health estimates and do not take into account people less than 5 feet, muscular builds and pregnant woman.

**This BMI calculator app is not meant to serve as a source of clinical guidance and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice.

While we like to keep our BMI Calculator simple and easy to use, new features are always a plus! If you have an idea or feature request, let us know: [email protected]

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Nice work
Megan Topple
Finally an accurate child bmi calculator
Adam Deen
A really helpful and easy tool to use...Thanks!
Thomas Hunter
Easy to input data. Immediate results. Useful in tracking and encouraging my progress to achieving my goals.
Gus Moyer
Lower bmi than expected!
Joanne Olmstead