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About Mvelopes Budget App

Easy to Get Started :
Start today by downloading the Mvelopes budget app and use it for free for 30 days, add your financial institutions and come up with a budget that will keep you on the path to financial freedom. You will get all your transactions sent to your Mvelopes account and you will easily be able to track all your account balances in one easy to use app. Mvelopes uses an envelope budgeting method to help you plan and track your household or personal budget. You can assign and manage your budget, as well as receive feedback on where you have spent your money and how much you have remaining

• Mvelopes is an A + Rated Business with the Better Business Bureau
• Tool for Tidying Up Your Budget - Credit Karma
• Named best app for “Over Spenders” - Kiplinger’s Personal Finance
• App That Makes Budgeting Fun - WiseBread
• Best Online Money Management Tool - Nasdaq
• Budget App for Recent Graduates - NerdWallet
• Right Tool for Keeping Financial Resolutions -
• App That Helps Manage Your Student Loans - SoFi
• Budget Tool for the New Year - Chicago Tribune

Get The Most Out Of Your Money
Use the Mvelopes budget app to help make more informed budgeting decisions and future plans. Track your bank accounts and credit card balances alongside your budget to help pay off your debt and increase savings faster. Create a financial plan for the future and make it happen.
Save time with the Mvelopes budget app and its access to over 16,000 financial institutions, so you can focus on managing finances and not entering transactions. Be secure with in-app security settings, a four-digit PIN or your Mvelopes username and password.

Mvelopes Features:
• Import your bank and credit card accounts and track your spending within Mvelopes
• Unlimited envelopes and financial institutions can be used in your account
• Use digital envelope budgeting system to organize and simplify your finances
• Easily access or adjust your budget on the go
• Categorized spending helps you make informed decisions when you shop
• Inbox-style transactions makes it easy to stay on top of your budget every day
• All-in-one accounts screen lets you view your checking, savings and credit card balances in one place
• Assign transactions to envelope categories, including splitting individual transactions into separate categories
• Complete, real-time synchronization with the Mvelopes web app at
• Money saving tips, ebooks, and videos inside the app

Similar Apps - visible in preview.

RealBudget - Envelope Budgeting

RealBudget - Envelope Budgeting


This app is designed to bring you the simplest form of money management in the most straightforward way possible. Create monthly budget envelopes, enter transactions, and track how you spend your money each month.

Take control of your own personal spending or collaborate on a budget with family members across devices. Receive updated budget information in real-time as family members enter transactions.

Through the interface and design, this app brings you closer to a physical envelope-style budgeting experience while still getting the benefits of being on your mobile device.

We all know what it takes to start saving money or start reducing debt: spend less than the amount you are bringing in. As simple as it sounds, this can be hard to execute. It is our hope that this app can assist you as you track your spending and that together we can achieve our budgeting goals.

Travex - Travel expenses and budget control

Travex - Travel expenses and budget control


• ideal for frequent and long-term travelers, helps to control your expenses and save more money on your trips
• write down your expenses in multiple currencies by date, category, payment method and country. It converts all your expenses to your home currency
• attach photos of bills, receipts and entrance tickets
• create folders for each of your trips, to keep your expenses organized and quickly available
• set monthly and traveling budgets and check your daily remaining budget
• set repeating expenses, like multiple nights of accommodation
• add your income records along your expenses, and use them to define budgets
• check your total and average expenses as well as your savings, with many filtering and search options
• set different payment methods for your expenses: cash, debit / credit card, bank transfer, mobile payment
• copy your expenses to quickly duplicate them on a different date
• includes a currency converter, with customizable exchange rates
• protect your private expenses with a password
• online backup, so you don't lose your expenses even if you change phones
• night mode with dark colors theme
• Travex is an offline app: no GPS and no wifi/data connection needed. Save your battery while traveling!
• Travex is a very small and lightweight app: save the space in your SD card for more photos!
• Travex doesn’t have ads and it doesn’t share your personal data. It contains optional premium features in case that you want to support the app development

Travex is an expense tracker app, where you can set an unlimited number of expenses, income recods, budgets and folders (wallets, trips). It's highly customizable: you can create your own categories (and subcategories) with colors and more than 80 icons to choose from. You can also add pictures to your folders instead of icons. Travex converts all your expenses to your home currency, and offers many ways to filter your expenses: by category, tag, country, payment method, cost, date, and text. And you can save your searches as shortcuts to use them again in the future!

I've been traveling around Europe, Asia and Oceania for the last four years. At first I was carefree with my expenses, but at some point I realized that I could extend my trip way longer if I started acting smarter with my money. I tried other budget apps, but then I decided to make my own to include all the functionalities that I really need. I still want to add some stats so that I can compare in an easier way if, let's say, accommodation or food was on average cheaper in this or that country.

Travex is currently available in English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Russian. You can help me with the translation to other languages, and also send me ideas for new functionalities!

Thank you for using my app. I hope that you like it and that you find it useful during your trips!

Daily Budget

Daily Budget


Daily Budget ensures that you always have enough money for the things you need and the things that are important to you!

Daily Budget lets you know how much money you can spend here and now!


No overly complicated statistics or forms to fill out!

Easy and understandable design!

With the Daily Budget app you can easily control your daily spendings based on your income and expenses.

Creating a budget can be intimidating, but the financial benefits are huge. With Daily Budget its easier than ever to get started.

Following a budget will also keep you out of debt or help you work your way out of debt if you are currently in debt.

Taking the time to set create a budget is one of the top financial tips by most financial advisors.

Daily budget also provides saving tips that can help you achieve your financial goals.


Start by entering your regular income and expenses.

Based on your income and expenses, you get your Daily amount, which shows your daily earnings.

Every day your Daily amount is automatically added to your Current balance.
Your Current balance shows how much money you can afford to spend at any time

By keeping track of your spendings you can easily see if you are within you own budget.

Daily Budget lets you see how much money you have spent and how much you can afford to spend every day!

Statistics show where you spend your money and lets you see where you can improve.

Upgrading to premium includes the following:
- No more ads
- A widget, making it even easier to keep track
- More statistics
- All saving tips

We would love your feedback to help improve the app!
Please leave a review or send us an email directly.

Thank you for downloading Daily Budget!

Just Money manager, Budget Bills & Expense tracker

Just Money manager, Budget Bills & Expense tracker


A complete financial solution to track your money, expenses, bank accounts & balances, transactions, cash flows, spending budget, store receipt photos and attachments, bills reminder & payments, recurring transactions / bills and many more.
With integrated Cloud data backup your data including receipt photos & attachments are regularly backed up onto the cloud storage. So you will never lose your data, receipts attached, even when you change your device.

This is a premium version of Just Money App, with all local features enabled. Available in Dutch, English, Spanish, French, German, Hindi, Polish, Portuguese, Russian & Thai languages.

Download now to experience the personal accountant and book keeping software that support multiple profiles, meaning you can manage your individual, household and business cash flow with-in this single App, respectively.

[$] All premium App features enabled:
➤ Transfer between different currency accounts, with exchange rate support
➤ Advanced budgets to support Day, Week, Month, Year
➤ Export & email transactions including receipt photos, for expense approval
➤ Dashboard overview for Day, Week, Month and Year
➤ Change category for multiple transactions
➤ Period wise comparison reports
➤ Generate PDF reports
➤ Reports filter
➤ Account balance charts and forecast
➤ Comparison charts
➤ Expense and income trends
➤ Custom date range selection
➤ Advanced data view by Day, Week, Monty or Year
➤ Restore data & receipts from backup
➤ App security: both PIN and Fingerprint based
➤ Budget planner
➤ Both dark and light theme
➤ Labels
➤ Contacts and contact groups
➤ Configurable start of the week and startup screen
➤ Unlimited profiles / accounts
➤ Built-in contact developer support

➤ Integrated Bills Reminder
- Bills search, list, reports & charts
- Daily reminder Notification for unpaid bills
- Recurring bills
- Link bill payment to a transactions
- Delete all related Recurring Transactions / bills in a single click
➤ Multiple profile support

[+] All features included in free version:
➤ Add expenses and income
➤ Accounts
➤ Fund transfer between accounts
➤ Categories and subcategories
➤ Integrated exchange rate, with different currency transfers
➤ More than 160 currencies supported
➤ Multiple attachments, receipts photos
➤ Transactions list, with running account balance
➤ Search, filter & sort data
➤ Transaction status (void, uncleared, cleared, reconciled)
➤ Barcode scanner integration
➤ Import transactions, CSV file
➤ Calender view & built-in calculator
➤ Daily scheduled auto backup of entire app data
➤ Backup entire app data, including receipts captured
➤ Cloud storage integration to backup App data

What is an profile?
A profile is an organized collection of data, like a data storage, account books, similar to having multiple email accounts.
For example: If you have multiple businesses (business units) and like to deal with each of their expenses, categories, invoice / bill, transactions, turnover separately. Create profile for each business unit. Something like: 'my off licence shop', 'my flower shop', 'all my personal money'.

Permission Required:
- READ / WRITE EXTERNAL STORAGE: To store backup files, import / export transactions, save receipt photos on your phone files
- CAMERA: To take picture of your receipts / bills
- INTERNET: To check for new updates

What's Next?
* Sync data between multiple devices & web access

MoneyKeeper – Budget Manager

MoneyKeeper – Budget Manager


If you have a desire to properly maintain a personal budget, you want to increase your savings and realizing your dreams, and you need to change something seriously, ready to act and bring it to life - this application is for you.

MoneyKeeper - a mobile budget was created to give you the opportunity to keep track of personal
finance anytime, anywhere and placed on your smartphone. MoneyKeeper was created simple, so that you have an alternative to very complex applications. You can easily use MoneyKeeper, even if you have never worked with budget applications before.

Application features make it easy:
- Maintain a personal and family budget in real time
- See your current balance for all accounts and for each individually, to know which the amount is currently at your disposal
- View statistics of your expenses and income by time, categories and by tags
- Set, adjust the monthly budget plan
- Correct account balances (make transfers), including accounts with different currencies
- Automatically update the exchange rate
- Change the date, time of your transaction, add a description
- Search for transactions by category, tag or account
- Automatically sort accounts and categories by amount
- Sync data between your devices
- Work with data without the Internet in case of communication failures

The structure of your expenses and incomes is displayed on the main screen and supplemented charts, your current balance will be visible for all accounts and for each individually, there will be a visual representation of how much money is at your disposal in the present moment. The application will recount and show your overall balance and statistics in the main application currency.

Advanced tariff allows you to maintain a joint budget or use several
devices using automatic cloud synchronization (if you have access to
the Internet). Restore all data if a device is lost or changed (if you have access to the Internet).

Please note that the free version is a trial version. In her
the maximum number of transactions is limited (50 transactions), there is no possibility synchronization for joint budgeting, also there is no recovery of all previously synchronized data when a device is lost or changed. To remove restrictions you need to upgrade to the full version with the purchase of a subscription (three-month or annual).

SayMoney Pro - Your finances

SayMoney Pro - Your finances


SayMoney has been around for 4 years. During this period, the app became very popular among MacOS and iOS users. And for a very simple reason. The only thing we as the development team are responsible for is implementing the wishes of our users. Almost all functions of the app have been implemented and optimized according to user requirements. SayMoney now runs on 5 different platforms and is continuously being improved. Your suggestions for improvement are therefore welcome!

All functions at a glance:

- Simple and intuitive operation
- Management and evaluation of your expenses and income
- Management of transactions, categories, accounts and transfers
- Management of recurring expenditure and revenue
- Data filtering, sorting, grouping and aggregation
- Protection by a PIN, Touch ID or Face ID
- Voice input and voice output
- Voice commands
- Management of receipts, savings targets and grocery lists
- CSV export of your transactions
- CSV import of transactions
- Printing
- Data backup and recovery
- Data synchronization
- Data encryption
- Currency converter (current exchange rates)
- 5 app design colors
- Budgeting

I have been using Mvelopes for more than 10 years. The budgeting helped us pay off our house in six years and become totally debt free. It has enabled us to plan for an early retirement. Before using Mvelope...
John Mann
Excellent expense and budget tracking tool!
Corina Ayers
I had the goal to improve my family budget. This app has helped me immensely because of its simplicity and overall user experience. I recommend it to anyone looking to improve or succeed with their budgeting...
Victor Sotoseguel