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About Financielle

Download Financielle for FREE and start your financial wellness journey today!

Financielle helps you take control of your money through financial education, inspirational content, money management tools and an amazing and supportive community.


‣ Weekly inspirational money content

‣ Set money goals

‣ Track your debt free journey

‣ Join our FREE community

‣ Life Admin area to track your key policies

‣ Financial education zone, with a 30 step Money MOT

‣ Get budget and net worth reminder notifications


Upgrade to Financielle Premium for access to premium features, including:

‣ The Financielle Playbook: a step by step guide to financial wellness

‣ Set monthly budgets and track progress

‣ Follow your monthly net worth


Women are behind in every area of finance: literacy, pay and wealth. Financielle's mission is to help bridge the gaps in personal finance and inspire millions of women to invest and build wealth for their future.


Our Financielle community is at the heart of everything we do and we have built a product in collaboration with the inspiring people in our community to help support them on their money journey.

We have seen our community achieve some amazing things, such as ditching £27K of debt whilst on furlough, buying first homes and cash-flowing IVF babies - all by following The Financielle Playbook and implementing this simple money management strategy into their lives.

By joining our free community you can be a part of free challenges, live events and special celebrations such as the Debt Free Wall and the Financielle Wellness Festival where we promote all things financial wellness.


Financielle is a female-focussed app to help you take control of your money and be financially well. We launch our app on the back of a 37,000+ strong online community, who come to together on their money journey and we can't wait to see you use the content, tools and community to win with money.

Financielle provides you with financial education and support with money mindset so that you can navigate your personal finances with knowledge and confidence.

This is combined with regular, inspiring content of real money stories and industry-leading experts to help you build strong financial foundations.

Financielle will help you take control of your money and build your specialised Financielle budget which will support you to ditch your debts and smash through your money goals one by one.

Want to track your ultimate progress as you pay down debt and increase your assets? Financielle's net worth tracker will do just this for you, documenting your financial wellness journey for you to look back on.

The Financielle App can also support you with the Life Admin section, where it will remind you of key policy provider details and renewal dates - just like your own virtual assistant.

You can also easily access the Financielle community, where you can support others and be supported on your financial wellness journey as you build strong financial foundations and grow wealth for yourself, your family and your community.

Help us to close the gender wealth gap and start your financial wellness journey today with Financielle.

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Very good educational content, easy to use and helped me to feel more in control of my money!
Carl Pomfret