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About Boat Simulator 2020

Boat Simulator 2020:

Welcome to the most exciting and exhilarating boat simulator game 0f 2020. Enjoy the freedom to control multiple high speed boats and mild cruise vessels as you drive in the scenic ocean.Ever wondered how it would feel to sail a fast boat through the gigantic waves in the ocean? Sounds fun right?
Boat Simulator 2020 gives you the most realistic and fun experience of driving and parking powerful boats. Ferry a few passengers and tourists from one point to another without bumping into other boats, speed boats or cruise ships.
Featuring stunning visuals, accurate boat simulations, famous locations and ports all over the world and fun-filled gameplay, this is one ship simulator game that you cannot afford to miss. And no boat simulator game would be complete without some of the most impressive and luxurious cruise ships in the world.Every level has surreal locations, islands,etc. So download this beautuful boat simulator game and enjoy an amazing cruise driving experience.

-Impressive array of Speed boats, cruise ships
-Realistic simulations and animations
-Impressive real water physics
-Extreme boat/ship driving water conditions,
Harsh seas, waves
-Fun-to-play levels
-Realistic 3d open worlds

Tamim Mia
Nice game to pass the time
Bharat Pathare
Best boat simulation game.. good graphics and controls..must play
pranav kulkarni