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About Bible Quran Link

Bible Quran Link is the first application that maps all verses in the 66 books of the Bible to their relevant verses in the 114 chapters of the Quran, and vice versa. It has been compiled through a comprehensive study over three years by a universalist Canadian youth who believes in the truth of both scriptures. It is intended to bridge the gaps between the followers of Christianity and Islam, and to show how no religion can make an absolute and exclusive claim of the truth. The app can prove very insightful and accessible in Quran study circles and Bible study groups.

Features :
• The entire text of the Bible and the Quran with several translations of each.
• A search engine through the text of both scriptures.
• The ability to bookmark and color code the verses.
• The ability to change the font type and size.
• The ability to copy a verse or an entire chapter for sharing.
• The ability to navigate directly from the relevant verses of one book to another.
• The ability to display only the verses with a cross-reference.

A few notes:
• King James Version of the Bible was used in the study, including the 66 books that are most agreed upon.
• The original Arabic text of the Quran was used.
• The references include any type of relevance, such as language, examples, and message. It includes both comparison/similarity and contrast/difference.
• You are strictly advised against making any citations only based on what is in this file. Instead, you must read the verses of both books in their context.

So nice
Nicholas Ngala Chome
Salam dear! I just purchased the app as I promised in my last emails, that once I get The features as I mentioned, I will buy the app. Thanks once again for your cooperation and added my request. Please keep...
Muhammad Raees Khan Afridi
very good
Maryam Rafieyan