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About Wajeez: Read in 15 minutes

Wajeez is a leading subscription service for reading and listening to books summaries.

You live a busy lifestyle, but you also want to keep up with the rest of the world without having to read a full book?

With Wajeez app you can get key insights of the best selling and most-read books around the world through a 15 minutes summary. On the road or anywhere, just take a break.

Put on your earphone and enjoy your daily dose of knowledge.

✓ Summaries of +3000 books from +26 categories.

✓ In Arabic.

✓ Audio and text.

✓ A free pick for you every day.

✓ Read and listen in offline mode (with no Internet).

Regular recommendations.

Become a better version of yourself, listen to audiobooks summaries, download Wajeez app now!
What our users say:
Mansour: “Excellent amount of books and before that, a fantastic taste in choosing books genres”

Mohamad: "اشتركت وجربت كتابين لحد الآن، طبعاً صارلي اكتر من ثلاث سنين بدي اقرأهم ومو ملاقي وقت، لقيتهم بالتطبيق وسمعت الملخص وبصراحة بعتبرها تجربة رائعة"

Heba: “لا يوجد لدي الوقت الواسع حتى اقرأ كتب تتراوح ما بين ١٠٠ الى ٣٠٠ صفحة، وكنت اعاني حتى اجد كتاب يمكن انهاؤه في مدة قصيرة لكن وجيز وجد لي الحل وأزال عبء البحث، شكرا لك.”
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