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About Tabiko: Japan Travel Concierge App

Planning a trip to Japan? Get the most out of it with Tabiko, your personal travel concierge. With 200,000+ downloads since 2017, this 4.9 star rated app offers chat-based help for everything in Japan.

Let us help plan your trip and make it your most memorable one yet. From Tokyo to Kyoto and everywhere in between, travel in Japan with Tabiko! Our concierges will provide you with the highest level of support to help make your trip to Japan easy and magical. We guarantee that you will get professional and friendly service all the time!

■ Tabiko's Chat Concierge Services
Tabiko’s chat-based service connects you with real concierges who can answer any questions about travel in Japan. From creating customized travel plans to assisting you in making reservations, our concierges are here to fulfill all of your travel related needs!

Discover the best sightseeing spots all around Japan to make your trip truly unforgettable

Find and book at a hotel or Airbnb that meets all of your budget, location, and style needs.

Make reservations at the perfect restaurant for you, from the best local cuisines to restaurants that serve your favorite foods from home

Get recommendations on the best places to shop around Japan

Find the fastest train and bus routes around Japan and get help with all of your transportation reservations

Events and Activities:
Discover the most popular events for every day of the year and even reserve local activities such as kimono rentals, tea ceremonies, etc.

Get up-to-date information on free Wifi access areas and rental Wifi devices

Language Translation:
Receive instant assistance from our concierges to help bridge the language barrier

■ Supported Languages

■ Opening Hours
10AM - 7PM Japan Standard Time

■ Contact
We strive to provide customers with the best quality and satisfaction. If you have any questions or comments about the app, please feel free to reach out to us at: [email protected]

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highly recommended! very easy to use app. very helpful in making restaurant reservations for us! you must use this app when travel to Japan!
Selina Chen
Absolutely Wonderful! This app helped me not only reserve restaurant reservations but also buy concert tickets to see Eric Clapton that only could be bought with a Japanese credit card. Simply put this app a...
scott keith
exceptional help from Japanese conceirge with quick reply
Alice Ao
one of the best apps that i ever use so far
very useful and quick responses
Michael Bow
Amazing!! If you are taking a trip to Japan and know limited to no Japanese, this is a must have app for sure!! You have a little text chat with someone who makes reservations for you free of charge. They bo...
Christine E