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Until now millions of Fans outside of stadiums have been cheering in isolation. Their cheers and support are not felt by the players. FanPlay IoT enables the “Motions and Emotions” of the Fans across the globe to be recognized by their Teams and Favorite Players, by streaming the Cheers and Emotions into the arena or other Digital and Social Media platforms, creating a unique experience for the Players and the Fans

Fans acquire points for each cheer and get to encash their cheering points for goodies/ F&B during or just after the event.

Further, the top cheering Fans get to see their aggregated cheers/vital signs like heart rate/ voice decibels broadcasted on larger screens.

Additionally, with FanPlay IoT, your dreams of becoming a Professional Athlete can come true. Not only does it help you to be Fit or a Great Fan, it also helps you to use technology and support from professional sports-person to train better and grow from being an Amateur to a Professional Player yourself. Not only can you inspire players to give their best, they can inspire you to become players like them.

Further, your passion for sports can help you find the right fitness regimen. Follow your favorite sports-star’s fitness routines and see if it is the right fit for you to stay fit.

You can check if it is the right regimen for you by using the FanBand and other IOT devices while performing the routine and tracking your heart rate and other vitals signals.

These signals can be used to tell if you are following the routine properly or not. In few days you will be able to visualize if the routine is working for you by checking the fitness quotient. Connect with the star to know about other fitness aspects such as diet, stress busting techniques and much more.

Amazing and love the concept
Pavithra Malolan
I like this app because of csk
ramanathan ramanathan
Innovative way to cheer the players. I wish there were more rewards.
Money Penny