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About FaithSocial

Faith is happening everywhere! From interactive prayer circles, to live events, and authentic faith community around the globe, you'll find it all happening on FaithSocial. Join the first-of-its-kind digital platform connecting Christians to enriching resources and personalized content. FaithSocial, today's digital faith experience, is now in beta and offering limited early-access invitations.

• Connect with God through Christian content that fits your specific likes and needs
• Connect to vibrant communities of like-minded believers
• Connect to a global body of online churches
• Connect with organizations dedicated to evangelism, teaching and social causes
• Connect with faith leaders you trust, who can guide you with insight, wisdom, and passion

• Bible studies
• Podcasts
• Videos
• Music
• Teaching
• Radio

Prayer Circle
• Request and offer prayers for friends, family, and the world in need of a touch from God
• Pray for anything-relationships, depression, finances, health
• Our worldwide network of people dedicated to prayer is there for you

Live Events
• Bible studies
• Prayer jams
• Moderated discussion forums
• Live video and radio feeds

Have fun
• Share photos and events with friends and family
• Discover the latest news and faith happenings
• Follow your favorite people
• Find inspiration around every corner

Create your profile on the ultimate platform built by Christians for Christians. Experience FaithSocial today.

The greatest lie ever told was that Jesus died for everyone's sins, (nowhere does Jesus say that he came to die for everyone's sins) when he was really crucified for being a Sorcerer. (Mark 3:22, "accused of...
Sorcerer Supreme
Wouldn't open for the past few weeks. Then I uninstalled and installed and now it works 😀 Really nice, encouraging app 👏🏻👏🏻
Wow! Didn't expect it to be this good & polished. Good job from the developers! Worth it.
Garsh Media