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About FacePoseApp

Many games and simulators nowadays support headtracking. That means, that a tracker determines the pose of your head (rotations and translations, or 6DOF). The headpose is then 'amplified' and filtered by a program (for instance FaceTrackNoIR), so a relatively small movement of your head is translated to a larger movement 'in-game'. The program sends the manipulated headpose to the game, which shows this movement, by manipulating the 'camera'. Many gamers already use a headtracker, most of the times one using a webcam.

FacePoseApp is an App that turns your smartphone into a smart face-tracker. It has some big advantages over face-tracking with a webcam: the user does not need to buy a webcam AND the PC running the game does not have to spend valuable CPU/GPU-power to track a face. FacePoseApp sends the 6DOF to the external program over wifi (this feature can be unlocked, by upgrading the App).

The App only features a very small number of buttons and settings. For more information about these you can visit the faceposeapp website.

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Spent a few hours trying to get it working intially not successful, however after reading my experience the developer got in touch straight away with support and helped me get up and running (need to upgrade...
Andrew Macfarlane
Great app, the head tracking works flawlessly in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 when used with FaceTrackNoIR.
Douglas Friedlund
Great app!