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About Lite for Facebook lite - lite for messenger

A Lite and Faster version for facebook. "Lite for facebook - Lite for messenger" contains only the features that are really essential and needed for users to post, feed and chatting with friends.

This "facbook - faster for facebook" is not too colourful, This is precisely the minimalist style, perfect for poor configuration devices, but you can still keep in touch with your friends any time anywhere, surf Facebook, chat, send pictures.

Using this "Lite For Facebook & Messenger app", you can now send messages, images, videos and more other files easily. This "lite for fb messenger - Quick chat" app has one solution for Facebook and Messenger.

Use this one and only "lite for facebook - faster for facebook" and always in contact with friends via social media, you can talk and post captions in Arabic, English, and many other languages. This amazing Faster For Facebook 2021 app is one of the best fasebook Lite apps that uses less data and works faster and more accurately.

The functionality for group chat is also supported in this "lite for messenger 2021 - fb messenger" app. so now using this group chat functionalities you can create one group and you can communicate more then one friend at a single time.

This lite for facebook video downloader app includes various unavoidable features such as group chat, alerts received, video downloader, and new messages via the notification framework. This story downloader for FB offers the end user's business account with secure login functionality.

The "mini lite for messenger - lite for fb" is a tiny and lightweight app that helps you to save room on your phone. In this lite for facebook lite app with messenger, the best chat features that the average user really wants are included. Now, there is no need to install and send messages using another app. On his/her time line, you will see notice of any events or birthday and give wishes to him/her.

The ability to send messages or chat with your friends right in the app without downloading any other application. You can chat, send emojis or images more quickly through this lite for facebook video downloader 2021.

Save Storage & Battery
- Users save details faster than other applications. To help you save data links, we have cached some static tools.
- The theme will help alter and configure your Facebook messenger more easily with customization.

Defend Your Privacy
- Use a for Facebook account with a public profile to login and talk immediately.
- Faster lock screen support to safeguard your Facebook accounts.
- To allow you to send and receive images downloaded for Facebook, only a handful of permissions are required.
- In a small app, both for Facebook and Messenger
- To make sure that you never miss a call, push alerts.

Key Features Of Faster For Facebook App:
✽ Find friends & family members
✽ Post status
✽ Share photos and videos on time line
✽ Download videos & photos from time-line
✽ notification will get when friends like and comment on your posts or on time line
✽ communicate with your friends by adding your own comments or reactions to their posts
✽ Follow people and pages to get their latest news
✽ Fast browsing speed.
✽ now chat and post caption in arabic and english language
✽ Chat functionality available in app
✽ Chat and manage private messages

Thanks For installing and using this video downloader app! If you really fill that this aap is helpful for you then please rate us from 5-stars!

Disclaimer: This app is NOT companion with Facebook in any way. it's a third party app to browse for Facebook but This Lite For Facebook Application do not share your log in details with any third parties. This Application is NOT official for Facebook application. It’s only lite for facebook & messenger app that using Browse for Facebook.