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About Eyespro - Protect eyes & Night mode

Take care of your eyes!

The application will allow you to form healthy habits for your eyes.


According to the investigation by the famous British oculist, the number of people suffering from myopia has increased by 36% compared with 1997, when there were no smartphones, and mobile phones began to come into use. If the progression continues, then by 2035 more than half of the people around the world (55%) will have poor eyesight.

Smartphones and tablets cause much more harm to eyesight than computers. Of course, the reason lies in the diagonal of the screen. To see what is written on the tiny display of a smartphone, you have to bring the device too close to the eye, and this negatively affects the concentration of vision and contributes to the destruction of the macula, the eye area that allows a person to distinguish small details.

The main thing to take care of is the distance from the smartphone to the eyes. The smartphone screen must be placed 30 cm from the face.


The application checks the distance from the phone screen to your face. If the distance from the screen to the face is closer than you configured, the phone screen will lock and ask you to remove the screen farther. After you fulfill the request, the screen is unlocked.

The triggering distance depends on the model and camera characteristics of your device, but you can adjust the triggering distance for eye protection yourself. Launch any application and bring the phone close to your eyes. Wait up when the protection triggers and evaluate the distance. If it is insufficient or exceeds the norm, adjusts the sensitivity in the application settings.


Blue light - a part of visible light with a wavelength of 380–780 nm, directly affects the biological rhythms of a person, the cycles of vigor and sleep. Phone screens emit blue light and its excessive exposure is especially dangerous for the eyes, causing symptoms of digital visual fatigue, eye damage, and behavioral disturbances. As noted in the report (Harvard health publications), blue light may even be associated with the development of certain types of cancer (possibly as a result of a decrease in melatonin levels).


The night mode filter changes the blue radiation (harmful to your sleep) of the screen to warmer tones. The principle of operation is based on overlaying filter overall windows. A color temperature below 3500K will improve sleep quality and allow you to read at night in comfort, which can have a beneficial effect on sleep quality.

⚠️ Application features

Eyes Protection - helps you keep your device at the correct distance from your eyes, which helps you create healthy habits for your eyes.
Pre-installed blue light filters - use one of the pre-installed filters to reduce the effect of blue light on your eyes.
Automatically turn on filters - set a timer to automatically turn on the blue light filter at night.
Filter intensity - allows you to adjust the intensity of the glow of the device screen.
Reduced power consumption - allows you to reduce battery consumption on most devices, by reducing the intensity of the glow of the device screen (relevant for AMOLED screens).

Check out the subscription price:

If you have any issues or questions, you can always contact our support team: [email protected]

Drawing on top of other applications - required to apply a blue light filter.

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This is must have app for any mobile device. Eyes protection is very important.
sniffing fox
Muito bem feito! Eu tinha o hábito de manter o celular próximo ao rosto e nem percebia! Ótimo para usar a noite também.
Felipe Augusto de Almeida
John Oba