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About Christmas Game

In this Christmas Game, you can play as Santa Claus that cross into candy and avoiding trees in his way, also you can play with snowman when you unlock more levels.
the snowman crosses candy and needs to avoid gifts while jumping, this game also features Christmas song jingle bells that all the kids and adults love.
this game helps you relax and enjoy the holiday Christmas atmosphere on your phone too.
A Christmas Santa is for fun and to amuse you, and it is right in tune with the Christmas holiday spirit.
in this game we represent Santa Claus that is a holiday figure who delivers gifts, Cross Candy, Avoiding Trees and more on Christmas. he is very fat, wearing a red & white suit, a hat, and a long, white beard. He usually lives at the North Pole and uses elven labor to manufacture all the toys he delivers (even the more complex ones, like video games or high-end electronics). In December, malls often set up areas where children can tell a fake Santa what they want and get their picture taken with him. On Christmas Eve, Santa loads all the gifts into a sack and loads the sack onto a sleigh driven by his team of flying reindeer. He then travels the world, delivering the gifts that children requested. NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) has begun a tradition of tracking Santa as he makes his way around the world. They assume that he travels a route that allows him 31 hours of toy delivery time, and map his journey as such.
A true story from Maine of a 1929 pilot who was saved in a storm by seeing the light from a lighthouse. He decided to reward the families of the lighthouses with Christmas gifts dropped from his plane, a tradition that continues on to this day.
Features of this game:

-Small in Size.
-Tap and click game to play.
-Christmas Music.
-Endless Play Game.
-Featuring Snowman.
-Easy To Play.
-Kids Game.
-Christmas Game.
-Santa Claus Game.
-Snowman Game.
-Christmas Tree.
-Jingle bells.
-Crossing and Jumping.
-Christmas Gifts.
-Featuring Santa Claus.
-Amazing sound effects.
-Simple Game.
-A perfect game to play in the Christmas holidays.

This game is very good for children and we can do time past easily on this game and it improve are constrataion skill
Rashida Panwala
It was outstanding and beautiful kids game
Vinayak Pai
It was great
james neil solomon