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About Stop Panic & Anxiety Self-Help


Self-Help for Panic Disorder

The info in this app assumes that the user is suffering from panic attacks due to Panic Disorder. It may not be applicable to other forms of anxiety. It focuses on the fear of having a panic attack and the fear of the sensations when having a panic.

***Articles about panic/anxiety and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)
***Anxiety Cognitive Diary to learn to challenge fearful thinking
***Emotion Training Audio to learn to access calming states
***Relaxation Audios to learn deep relaxation
***Panic Assistance Audio to coach through panic attacks
***Password protection available

NOTE: All audios can be downloaded from

Use Panic Assistance audio to coach you when you experience a panic attack and to help you learn to tolerate and control the anxiety symptoms. Also, can be used to assist with exposure therapy for Agoraphobia.

The Panic Assistance audio is not a relaxation or hypnosis audio. It is meant to be firm so as to get your attention while having a panic attack. Relaxation or hypnosis audios are not very useful during a panic. They may be useful to prevent panic, but this audio is focused on reminding you that panic won't harm you and that you can tolerate the unpleasant sensations of panic.

Emotion Training audio can be used as relaxation or you can use it to learn how to access emotions such as calmness or strength when you need to. The audio trains the brain to pair the emotions with certain colors and once you have learned the process, you can elicit the emotions you desire by imagining the paired color flowing through you.

Links to articles at to help you understand the cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) approach for anxiety and Panic Disorder.

The general idea of CBT is to repeat rational statements that challenge the irrational fears until the rational beliefs become stronger than the fears. Since it is difficult for a person to do this while having a panic attack, the panic assistance audio in this app helps you to do this. This self-help method can provide the coaching many people need to cope with panic. However, some people may need therapeutic help in addition to this.

Use the relaxation audio to improve your anxiety management skills. Learn to reduce stress and to relax your body using Qi Gong and additional relaxation audios by Excel At Life.

Also, look for "The Worry Box" app for audio to create imagery to reduce worry and related anxiety.

Reason for permissions:
1) READ PHONE STATE AND IDENTITY--necessary when listening to audios to pause playback when phone call is received (Excel At Life never accesses identity)
2) MODIFY DELETE SD CARD CONTENTS--necessary to allow saving data to SD card
3) FULL INTERNET ACCESS AND VIEW NETWORK STATE--necessary to determine if internet access is available when linking to articles and audios

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Helped me so much. Especially the breathing exercises. Super recommended
ZuGgy Gaming
This app is a godsend, helping me during panic attacks and teaching me how to live with it. Can't recommend highly enough.
Emma Watkinson
This app really helps stop a panic attack in its tracks. The free content and audio' s are great compared to other apps. It doesn't look like the greatest app to be made, but it really helps.
Stacey Storrie