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About Soul EV Spy

You can use the old, free app "Soul EV Spy Lite", if you want to test your dongle before purchasing, or if you do not want to pay for this app. Less data values from the car is read by the free "Lite" version, and it does not save data in .csv-files.

Check battery health, monitor temperatures, extract energy use, read error codes, and much more.

Soul EV Spy lets the owner of a Kia or Hyundai electric car view detailed information about their electric car's main battery, by plugging an inexpensive KW902 ELM-327 v1.5 Bluetooth OBDII adapter into the standard OBDII port of the car. The app cannot modify any settings in the car. The app only reads data from the car, via the OBD-II dongle, displaying and saving data files. It does not write settings to the car.

A short users' guide and FAQ is available here:

Konnwei KW902 ELM-327 v1.5 Bluetooth adapters are available for around $10-$30, and you need one for Soul EV Spy to fetch data from your car.

NOTE: None of the many ELM-327 v2.1 adapters tested with the app works properly! Many ELM327 OBDII Bluetooth adapters does not work with the app, regardless of price. The only recommended dongle is the Bluetooth Konnwei KW902, because it supports all the needed ELM commands to communicate with the car systems, and it is the OBD-adapter that works most reliably, of all the adapters I have tested. It is not an expensive dongle.

This app is communicating with systems in the car, which potentially can cause the car to behave different from its normal behaviour. This app is not endorsed or approved by Kia or the companies that produce the systems in the car. If you choose to use this app, you alone are responsible for any and all consequences of doing so.

The app requests access to the device file system. If you grant access, the app will store data in files in the Download catalog on the device, for later replay in the app, or for the user to use in other apps, e.g. a spreadsheet, for data analysis, graphs etc.

This app requests access to location, in order to request locations of nearby DC-chargers, to calculate car speed, and to record the location for each reading of car data.

The app texts are displayed in english, or in the prioritized system language of the phone, if one of these:
Korean (currently only testers)

The set of data values that are read differs by make, model and year of the electric vehicle. Battery SOH and BMS cell voltages and temperatures are displayed for all supported Kia and Hyundai electric vehicles (EV's, possibly also PHEV's and HEV's - let me know your findings if you try: [email protected])

Supported car models:
Kia e-Soul 2020-
Kia e-Niro
Hyundai Kona EV
Hyundai Ioniq EV
Kia Soul EV 2014-2019
Hyundai BlueOn EV
Kia Ray EV

And possibly some data from:
- Kia Optima PHEV
- Hyundai Porter II EV
- other Kia or Hyndai EV's
Let me know your findings if you try any of the above: [email protected]

Privacy policy:

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Awesome app. Easy to use on my 2015 Soul EV. Never knew there was so much information on tap via the data connection. I used to think this type of data would require expensive dongle and wiring. Dongle was u...
Bruce Nawrocki