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About Estates Plus

We know how overwhelming it can be when someone dies. Download our free app on what to do next. Going through the grieving process is hard enough. It may have even been unexpected.

There is so much information out there - it is hard to find out what to trust. For the first time in Australia, everything is now in one place.

We guide you through each step, with advice on everything from arranging a funeral to administering the Deceased Estate. Document assets and liabilities, track important tasks, and save notes.

You may be at risk: You need this app so you don't make the wrong mistakes. The law can be very complicated when someone passes away. If you don't do the right thing, it might cost you money (and your time).

Reduce stress and save money. Our guide is written by expert estate lawyers in easy-to-understand plain English. Knowing what to do next helps reduce stress. The app is free, so you don't have to keep visiting expensive lawyers for answers.

Who is this app for? If you’re an executor of an estate, this is a great app for you. You have a lot of responsibilities when administering the estate of the deceased. It can be a very stressful journey...

We even included a glossary of legal terms and handy tips to help you on the journey. We recommend you read through the app carefully, as some states' rules may vary to others!

“I’m not good with technology, this looks way too advanced for me.”
Don’t worry, we've made this simple. This is really easy to use. We’ve broken everything down step by step and simplified the process. Each tab of the app is easily separated, with clear instructions on how to use each section.

In the app, we have helper screens, information, and tips. An onboarding video to make sure you know how the app works. If you can do online banking, if you can read a book on your tablet then you can use this app.

We guide you through the whole process. And it's free. You can get started now and realise it's not as difficult as you think.

“I can’t do this myself, it sounds complicated.”
Our lawyers have designed and written this to guide you through each step using simple language.

For most estates, this app will be suitable. If the assets are here in Australia with standard property and vehicles, bank accounts, etc then this app is built for you.

It's built to handle 90% of cases. Most cases are suitable. We service NSW, WA, QLD, SA.

We don't believe in legal jargon, we’ve simplified it but in the few cases we have to define legal terms, we also give you a glossary of definitions in these cases. An interactive dictionary to remind you of some of the more peculiar words.

“The app is free. What’s the catch?”
There is no catch! There is no credit card required and no in-app purchases. It's free from start to finish. We have the skills and experience to build this and legal experience.

We built this to help people. Sometimes there may be steps where you need legal assistance, and we can direct you to the right place for that, too.

We hope you enjoy our free app, click download to get started.

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