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About Learn English - تعلم اللغة الانجليزية

The best application for learning English covers this application where it works complete without internet connection

The application contains a bouquet carefully explained to the acoustics of English letters so that you can pronounce sentences and words correctly

English grammar is explained in an easy and simple way

Contains a bunch of words where more than 2000 words divided and indexed in a beautiful style where
Each word shall have its meaning in Arabic and English, its meaning and an example and its images shall be expressed

Contains a large bunch of indexed sentences

The application contains 100 English stories translated in English, Arabic and audio

The application contains a reading so that you can practice the language to the fullest

The application contains a search for words where more than 90 thousand words you can search within the meaning of any word in Arabic or English

The application contains a spokesman to be able to pronounce any text you want

The application contains a new service of its kind which enables you to memorize words by displaying them to you all the time and the application is closed where it is
Display different words from within the application on the screen from time to time and you will be able to save by repeating the display of these words

- More than 2000 indexed words
- Explanation and in English grammar
- A bunch of indexed sentences
100 stories translated into Arabic
- A bunch of reading where you can read topics in English
- Talk to me
- Search in more than 90 thousand words translated to Arabic
- A special bouquet to explain the sound of each letter of the English letters so that you can pronounce the correct
- This application works without Internet

Here are some sentences and expressions
Sentence food
Common phrases
General sentences
Phrases for communication difficult
Sentence Housing
Sentences for numbers and money
Sentence shopping
Sentence for travel and directions
Phrases for health
Sentence for friendships
Phrases for the weather
Phrases to work
Sentences for time and date
Sentence for entertainment
Phrases Internet phones

List of special lessons of the rules: -
Countable & Uncountable nouns
The definite article
Helping verbs
Missing deeds
The present simple
The present progressive The present progressive
The past simple The past simple
The past progressive
The future simple
The future progressive
The future perfect
The present perfect present perfect
The present perfect progressive The present perfect continuous
The past perfect progressive
How to form a question
Question tag
Adverbs conditions
The complex sentence
If Conditional
Prepositions - prepositions
Compound sentences
The pronouns
The building is known and the building is anonymous
Punctuation numbering
Direct and indirect speech

The best application I've tried ..
Fares Hassan
Siniora 94