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About FreeCell

FreeCell solitaire is one of most well-known patience card games. This app has uniques features:

- Two difficulty levels
- French cards
- Simplified french cards (bigger symbols)
- Spanish cards (48 cards, Baraja EspaƱola)
- 6 different tables to play
- Timer
- Leaderboards and achievements
- Tablets, landscape and portrait orientations supported

You play with a 52 or 48 cards deck; your goals are to have fun and build four stacks with the cards from Ace to K, one for each suit.

You may move the cards on the 8 columns, but you can put a card only on another one whose value is one point higher and with a different color (e.g., 5 red on 6 black). You also have four free cells where to temporary leave a card.


thanks best freecell ever
qqw1 qw
Tom Brady
Great little game when you're trying to kill time. Like in a doctor's office or waiting for your wife.
A Google user