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About E.Queo

E.Queo allows you to have everything you need for work in one place and always at hand.
What is inside:
 ⁃ Briefs, trainings and tests. Online and offline
 ⁃ Materials and documents required for work
 ⁃ Calendar of corporate events with “sign up to participate” feature
 ⁃ Team and corporate newsfeeds and discussions
 ⁃ Real time business results display
 ⁃ Rating based on learning progress and business results
 ⁃ Points earned on the platform for gifts exchange
 ⁃ Are you a manager? Publish and discuss team news right from the app, give out awards and check training progress of your team


Платформа для бизнес коммуникации и тренинга. Прямой канал внутренней коммуникации от руководства напрямую к каждому сотруднику на его личные устройства. Это крайне необходимо для правильного управления изме...
Zaphod Beeblebrox