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About EOS Crop Monitoring

EOS Crop Monitoring is a free application that lets you monitor crop performance, make scouting reports and mark problem areas. All you need is a smartphone with Internet access to monitor your farm from any place. App requires the user to sign in with an existing account.

The EOS Crop Monitoring app is perfect for farm owners, managers and workers, agricultural consultants and insurance companies. Core of field monitoring is based on multispectral satellite imagery analysis.


1) Scouting tasks and reports
Application allows you to perform scouting tasks and fill in information about field scouting including but not limited to field crop performance, crop details like hybrid/variety, stage of growth, plant density and soil moisture. Scouts can also attach photos to scouting report

2) Getting all field info together
There are field cards for every field you save. You can use it to store crop and area information, as well as visualize your field on the map with all scouting reports related to the field.

3) Interactive map
With our customised map, you can view all your fields and scouting reports in one place. You can quickly access information about the vegetation index for any of your fields which allows you to pinpoint problems areas and improve crop productivity.

About EOS
We are the California based AgTech company that develops an online platform for precision farming.

If you have any questions, email us at [email protected]

Download and start scouting right away!