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About الطارق تيوب - ElTarek Tube

Do you want to get more subscribers, views and likes for your video and channel/account?
Do you want your video to become a viral video?
Do you want more followers and subscribers ?

ElTarek Tube is the best application to help you boost your subscribers and make your channel more popular;
boosting your video views, likes and make it viral video. ElTarek Tube is the only social platform for new influencers.

We will promote immediately your channel and video to the people around the world and help your channel get more subscribers, help your video get more views and likes.
You need to collect coin to create your campaign by make a purchase or just view other video from other people.

Please Notes:
ElTarek Tube is a 3rd party app.
ElTarek Tube do NOT offer the ability to buy subscriber, view and like as it is against the policy.
We only a platform to help your video and channel reach out to people,
and they can view and like any channel or video which they feel interested in.

This app is amazing with everything you could wish for. It really inspired me
Dina Abdelrahman
هل المشتركين ينحذفو
Sherihan Mahmoud