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About SchemataCAD viewer DWG/DXF

In SchemataCAD viewer you can easily view 2D CAD drawings stored on your tablet or mobile phone. It is also possible to open a drawing directly from an email attachment, web page or from "file manager"

Viewer opens CAD file formats:
- DWG (up to the latest version 2018 - AC1032)
- DXF (all versions)
- SCH (format of software SchemataCAD)

Viewer contains AutoCAD SHX standard fonts. Also are accepted other SHX fonts and shapes, which are in same folder as is a DWG/DXF file (or define folder with SHX fonts in configuration).

- Opening encrypted DWG files is not supported
- Size of available memory is limited, sometimes it is not possible to open very big drawings, for example 20MB file size.
- SHX "Big fonts" (Japan, Korean) are not supported
- external references are not supported

Supported platform: ARM a INTEL (x86).

This viewer is part of CAD application named SchemataCAD. For more information see

Good ❤
Md Rafiuddin
Its very good and excellent to use ,its good working super experience
maddy hittin
Nice cad file viewer
Santosh Santosh