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About AI Gauge

Wireless pressure gauge:
Based on Bluetooth to remote control and monotor the wireless pressure gauge

1.rate of pressure change; record、read and storage; export;
4.calculating of superheat and subcool;
5.querying of PT table;
6.real-time unit conversion;
7.over limit alarm;
8.diagram analysis;

To connect with a wireless digital pressure gauge, monitor the change of pressure real-timely and monitor superheat and subcool of refrigerant;to analysis and export data by recording the real-time data of equipment and reading the history records.

System requirements
1.Android 4.3 or higher version;
2.Bluetooth 4.0;

The equipment is good, and the software is also alright. Hope to have more help section to help better understand.
Bruce Maxon
Love the notification when the alarm is triggered! It's easy for me to find out if something went wrong!
Cooper Ginger
Update the app more often and add more content would ebe great. I also hope that the recording interval have more tiem variation to choose.
Ladana Hartness