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About Elementique Senior License


You have tested Elementique Senior 6 weeks for free? You are convinced?
For a modest cost, 'Elementique Senior License' gives you access to 10 Elementique Senior applications!
One price, no hidden costs, no subscription to pay! You are controlling your budget!
Not yet tested Elementique Senior? Install Elementique Senior Launcher and make up your own mind.

Elementique Senior – My tablet and smartphone become friendly and intuitive!

Elementique Senior is a set of applications specially designed for seniors. Thanks to it's simple, elegant and secure environment, sending an e-mail, managing your agenda, surfing the Internet, playing, sharing photos or chatting with relatives, ... becomes easier and easier !

Elementique Senior offers a clear, structured and identical environment in each application. The icons are wide and legible, the keyboard is either alphabetic or « qwerty », and the user is guided throughout its use. Tablets and Smartphones keep their access to the Google Play Store, a high tech look and all their possibilities.


Need a hand for the installation ? Check out our videos and tips on our website by clicking HERE
More information about the possibilities of Elementique Senior? Visit our website

Elementique Senior is a complete Android solution. It’s optimal use requires :
- The installation of every Elementique Senior applications (no additional cost)
- To choose Elementique as homescreen. On some devices, this may involve manual adjustment
- The use of a gmail address
Some adjustments are necessary to use the weather forecast or the simplified keyboard. Please check our website.
Elementique Senior is compatible with most smartphones and tablets with Android 5.0 or higher

Available languages :
Thanks to our friends and supports, Elementique Senior is now available in :
- English
- Eesti keelt
- Français
- Español
- Italiano
- Nederlands
- Polski
- Português
- Русский
If you wish to have Elementique translated into your language ? Any translation suggestion ?
Don’t hesitate to contact us, any help is welcome : [email protected]


Do you want to distribute Elementique Senior or use it on a large scale? Join our network of partners, contact us via [email protected]


Elementique Senior Launcher: Senior homescreen
Elementique Senior Calendar: Simplified use of calendar and reminders
Elementique Senior Messages: Easy management of emails
Elementique Senior Internet: Surf the internet, bookmarks management
Elementique Senior Leisure: Games, radio, my music
Elementique Senior Pictures & Documents: Management and creation of photo album and documents
Elementique Senior Applications: Management of applications and favorites
Elementique Senior Contact: Directory
Elementique Senior Phone: SMS, phone, videoconferencing
Elementique Senior - Licence : to purchase at the end of the trial period

Thank you so much for developing this suite of senior apps. Life saver as my mum lives in another country. Only criticism is that the browser needs a home button, everything else seems great so far.
Lawrence Blanchard