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About Chemistry Lab

Become a chemistry ace by playing the app that turns real organic chemistry mechanisms into an outstandingly fun game. Play your way through actual reactions in a fun game rather than simply memorizing flash cards and reaction names. This app is the perfect study companion for a chemistry student and is just plain fun for anyone interested in chemistry as you play your way from one reaction to the next. Don't worry if you get stuck, hints will appear to help you along the way. The chemistry is explained in simple terms. Stop trying to memorize organic chemistry reactions and instead learn to solve them. You'll surprise yourself that with a little practice you can figure it out, even if you've never seen that reaction before. Over 1100 general chemistry flashcards are included. See how exciting chemistry really is!

It's really fabulous app it can make you more understanding about chapter 😊👍
A K King
Elizabeth Gilbertson
Need this for my chemistry i always get likw F-
Denzel Martinez