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About EFColorHelp

The color wheel is a useful tool for creating harmonious color combinations.

EFColorHelp is an application that delivers a set of tools,
which has several benefits that a beautiful combination of colors can bring to looks,
whether on a special occasion or for your day to day.

The available combinations are:

- Monochromatic color circle
- Analog color circle
- Complementary color circle
- Split complementary color circle
- Double complementary color circle
- Triadic color circle

In addition to the traditional format for viewing these circles, the application allows:

- Adjust the color level
- Display the colors applied in the chosen circle combinations as blocks
- View a specific color range in full screen and control the color level on the screen itself
- View a specific color in full screen, and know its hex code, which
it is very useful for those who want to use the application for other functions, for example a digital designer
- Very detailed help system explaining each part of the application, as well as
how colors are formed in the circle (primary, secondary and tertiary color theory)
- Selection of three languages ​​(English, Portuguese and Spanish)
- Two types of shades (Light and Dark) that are applied in all circles
- Application theme selection (Light or Dark)
- Screen for viewing color combinations on the same page, with color selection and instant visualization of the combination applied to all circles, in addition to allowing you to select a specific circle to analyze it in detail.