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About The 18-Minute Workout

My name is Shane Ellison. I am a chemist, author, pilot, husband and father of 4. My FREE 18-Minute Workout is what my family uses to “get more for less.” I used it to win a jiu-jitsu world championship. My wife used it to win The Arnold Amateur, after having 2 kids. It works thanks to a phenomenon called hormesis.

Hormesis means to stimulate or set into motion. It’s an evolutionary adaptive response - a change that your body makes after being challenged. This is a survival mechanism hardwired into your genetics. The 18-Minute Workout triggers this biological phenomenon to produce positive adaptive changes.

In a matter of weeks, The 18-Minute Workout will optimize hormone balance, output and sensitivity to help incinerate fat and build muscle. It utilizes the perfect combination of aerobic and anaerobic stressors among key muscle groups so that anyone - at any level of fitness - can harness the power of hormesis. The beneficial effects include greater strength, endurance and optimized lean body mass, as verified by enhanced gene activity and mitochondrial health. Learn more at

Thorough and easy to do loved it!
Patricia McDowell
Easy to do stay at home workout.
Carrie Sinclair
1st time through, didn't know I needed a medicine ball but I still did the movements. Very effective! I'll pick up medicine ball. This was the beginner session - looking forward to the intermediate & advance...
Karen Walker