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About EgoSecure Encryption Anywhere

EgoSecure Encryption Anywhere is a file manager with data encryption capabilities. The application provides all necessary operations to efficiently process files and folders. Any files can be encrypted in order to protect them from unauthorized access when they are stored on a device or in cloud storage (data at rest) or transferred via open communication channels like the Internet (data in motion).

Key features:

1. Support of local and cloud storages. All necessary operations for files and folders in local (device, SD card) and cloud (Dropbox, Google Drive, MagentaCLOUD, Box, OneDrive, Yandex.Disk) storages. Download, upload, open (in other applications) files. Copy, move, rename, delete files and folders, create folders etc.

2. Single and multiple files and folders operations. Processing all files in selected folders, including files of direct and indirect subfolders.

3. Encryption and decryption of files. Encryption key generation is based on the password. Support of various encryption key lengths (1024, 2048 and 4096 bits) and encryption types (mobile and permanent). Password, length of the encryption key and encryption type are defined by user. Encryption parameters can be provided "on-the-fly", while performing encryption and decryption operations.

4. Favorite files and folders. Quick and direct access to necessary files and folders. All operations on favorite files and folders can be performed directly in Favorites section.

5. Automatic control of decrypted files. Quick and direct access to decrypted files and folders. Operations on decrypted files and folders can be performed directly in Decrypted section. One-tap encryption of all controlled files on leaving the application.

6. Optimized user interface for tablets. Two panel layout for better presentation of data and quicker navigation in storages. Hierarchical representation of folders on the left panel. Contents synchronization upon navigation in both panels.

7. Cancelling of long-running operations. User can track the progress of long-running operations and cancel them at any moment without a threat to damage processed files.

8. Sending files by e-mail, transferring files via wireless interfaces to other devices, saving files in cloud storages, sharing files via social networks.

9. Special markers to indicate the status of files and folders. User can immediately recognize modified and encrypted files as well as favorite files and folders.

10. Automatic reset (removal) of encryption keys when the device screen is locked, when a device is inactive for a specified period of time and on leaving the application. Optional automatic encryption of controlled files before resetting encryption keys.

11. Quick and easy navigation. Navigation panel is a single point to simple and quick access to any application section. One-tap jump to any parent folder of the current folder.

12. Displaying sync status of cloud storage files with special markers. User can quickly determine why files are non-synced.

13. Displaying results of operations. Maintaining the log of operations. User can analyze the results of any operation and perform necessary repeated or corrective actions.

14. Full compatibility with other EgoSecure products which support mobile and permanent encryption. For example, files encrypted by EgoSecure Agent or the application for iOS can be decrypted by the application for Android and vice versa, files encrypted by the application for Android can be decrypted by EgoSecure Agent or by the application for iOS.

15. Multi-language support. Full localization of the application in English, German and Russian.

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Works very well at encrypting and decrypting some CSV files containing some sensitive information
I'd rather keep it private
drselva nkl
Still testing it out! Will review at a later time.
Lou Smith