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About MicroStore Manager

MicroStore provides fashion brands and fashion wholesalers a reliable & simple solution to create your own digital sales service and increase digital sales on social networks.

Smart Catalog on the MicroStore will improving your product launch by content strategy and give you the skills of "right products to right customers ». Smart catalog it’s free for MC Users.

** Know your customer better**

Thanks to MicroStore, you could know better the different customer behaviors in order to adjust your business method.

** Smart Catalog **
The easy creation of targeted catalogs can be easily share privately or publicly with your clients by Apps (WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, WeChat and more). And makes it easy to promote your models.

** Our service **

- Personalized Training Service
- Tips for digital sales
- Technical assistant from 9:30 to 18:30

Install it & Contact us on the App to get Free Training

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