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About Timecard GPS

When it comes to managing field workers and mobile employees, this task can be daunting at times. Numerous job locations, seasonal employees, documenting billable hours, recording breaks are all responsibilities of the employer. How is a company to manage their workforce efficiently and productively without slowing down progress of the workers and/or the project at hand?

Timecard GPS is a mobile time and attendance and GPS Tracking application that works on Standard Cell Phones, Smart Phones and Tablets.

Field Workers are able to log the following data from a mobile device:

• Time
• Attendance
• Jobs
• Tasks
• Sub-tasks
• Cost codes
• Breaks
• Lunch period
• Custom fields (weather conditions, anyone hurt on job?, etc.)
• Supervisor – Team Clock in/out
~ Multiple Photographs & Electronic Signature capture available per job

Management is able to view the location of employees on Google maps from Econz web-based software and real-time job information such as:

• GPS tracking information
• Bread crumb trails
• Speed triggers
• Mileage
• Idle time
• GPS smart fence technology
• Over 20 reports
• Time and attendance
• Job progress
• Hours worked

Companies that use Econz Timecard benefit in the following ways:

• Increased worker productivity
• Decrease in time-theft by company employees
• Manage their workforce more efficiently
• Increase profits
• Savings on everyday costs such as fuel, overtime and administration
• Helps document Federal and State wage-hour laws
• Streamline time and attendance

Timecard GPS offers more than 20 custom reports and Econz stores all data for a 6 month period, including GPS tracking information. Supervisors can log in/out multiple workers on one device at no additional cost. This also includes reports enhancements that allow for display of "at address" of photographs and electronic signatures captured with the application.

Econz Wireless offers a web-user log in capability for internal workers, giving Econz Wireless customers a complete time and attendance system.

Econz Wireless products also integrate into over 100 accounting and payroll packages such as:

• ADP Payroll
• Kronos
• Paychex
• Sage MasterBuilder
• Sage Timberline
• Foundation
• Viewpoint
• QuickBooks
• Over 100 more packages…

Econz Wireless can also do custom builds specific to your Company needs. Please contact our offices to discuss further. If you would like to view our Public SOAP API's please click the link.

Econz Timecard is ideal for small organizations of 5 employees or enterprise groups of thousands of workers .With a 30 day money back guarantee, get started with Econz Timecard and streamline your company's time and attendance needs!

*Note: To enable Timecard to work with your device, your company must have a Timecard organization configured and setup prior to downloading the application. Please contact Econz Wireless at [email protected]

Econz Wireless( est. 1971) - is a Leader in Mobile Data Collection, providing employer solutions for Time & Attendance, Employee Tracking and Wage-Hour Compliance Laws.

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Timesheet is the best timesheet app.

Great Application and very use friendly app. I am doing all my timesheet and report on time. Recommended it.
Nik s
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