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About Let's Smile 4

Let’s Smile is a seven-level primary English course for young EFL students. The course has fun and enjoyable stories, songs, and games to support and motivate students to learn English. Language targets are constantly linked and recycled to boost students’ confidence. With Let’s Smile, young students are inspired to smile and succeed together in today’s world.

Key Features
• Fun animated stories featuring friendly characters
• Animated songs and chants
• Fun and communicative games
• Twelve easy CLIL lessons
• Six World Link lessons linked to unit topics
• Extensive resources for teachers

• Student Book
• Workbook
• Teacher’s Manual
• Teacher Flashcards
• App
• Let’s Smile Online

Let’s Smile combines steady vocabulary and grammar progression with the functional objectives of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and Young Learners English (YLE) Tests.

Unit Flow
• Words and Grammar: Presents and explores the unit’s target vocabulary and grammar structures
• Conversation: Incorporates conversational language and unit targets in an authentic dialog, catchy song, and a collaborative game
• CLIL Lesson: Connects the target language to various school subjects for immersion and to demonstrate usefulness
• Unit Link: Links the target language with previous units for fun and stress-free consolidation
• World Link: Links target language with the world around us through lessons on world cultures, art, ecology, family, and more