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About E6BX E6B Flight Computer

E6BX is an essential app for pilots of all experience levels, offering a wide range of aviation tools designed to help you get comfortable with the reports and calculations required to fly safely. Included in this app are a visual E6B Calculator, interactive Weather Reports with METAR and TAF decoders, a NavLog Calculator, and many other tools to assist you with aviation calculations.

E6B Calculator

This is the world’s most popular E6B aviation calculator, already used online by hundreds of thousands of pilots. The calculations are visually illustrated to aid in understanding, showing wind speed and direction, wind correction angle, course, heading, ground speed, and true air speed.

Weather Reports

Search for any airport using the Weather Reports tool, and find the relevant METAR and TAF reports, taken live from Need help understanding METAR or TAF? Tap on any segment to instantly see what it means, or tap the Decode button to reveal the entire report at once.

Weather Reports can also display airport data for US airports, including runway directions and lengths, heliports, radio frequencies, and charts.

NavLog Calculator

Use the NavLog Calculator for either VFR or IFR flight planning. Enter numbers into the table to perform instant calculations. You can add as many lines as you need, and the table can be easily cleared with a single button.

Holding Pattern Calculator

The Holding Pattern Calculator uses a detailed and informative graphic to help you determine your entry into a holding pattern, and then to maintain that pattern with wind corrections. Simply enter a few basic values to see them instantly reflected in the graphic, then follow the detailed entry and hold instructions.

Metar and Taf Decoder

With E6BX Metar Decoder, almost everything in any given Metar or Taf is decodable, including elevation, wind direction and speed, wind components, pressure altitude, density altitude, air pressure, dew point, and all sorts of weather conditions.

Snowtam & Motne Decoder

Paste any Snowtam or Motne report into this tool to decode it. Almost everything in any given Snowtam or Motne is decodable, including type, depth, location, and extent of contamination.

Aviation Unit Converter

This tool includes all units commonly used in aviation. When you enter a value, it will instantly be converted to all other units of the same type. Convert units of time, distance, speed, pressure, temperature, volume, weight, and mass. Our GPS Coordinate Converter can convert between Decimal Degrees (DD), Degrees Decimal Minutes (DDM), and Degrees Minutes Seconds (DMS).

Aviation Unit Converters include:
Time Converter
Temperature Converter
Fuel-Weight Converter
Reciprocal-Heading Converter
VOR Radial-Bearing Converter
Distance Converter
Speed Converter
Pressure Converter
Area Converter
Weight Converter
Volume Converter
GPS Coordinate Converter

Additional Tools:

Visual Wind Components Calculator
Pressure Altitude Calculator
Density Altitude Calculator
Cloud Base Altitude Calculator
Aviation Unit Converter
Mach Speed/Speed of Sound Calculator
True Air Speed Calculator
Indicated Air Speed Calculator
Airport Data
NavLog Calculator
Airport Lists by Country/State
Weight and Balance Calculator
METAR Decoder
TAF Decoder
MOTNE Decoder
Holding Pattern Calculator

Additional airport data is available for US airports, including latitude and longitude, elevation, variation, time zone, airport status, tower hours, available fuel types, UNICOM frequency, CTAF frequency, ATIS frequency, other frequencies, navigational aid locations, navigational aid frequencies, runway alignments, runway markings, runway conditions, runway surface types, airport diagrams, alternate minimums, takeoff minimums, Standard Terminal Arrival (STAR) Charts, Departure Procedure (DP) Charts, Instrument Approach Procedure (IAP) Charts, Hot Spots, and many others.

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Brilliant app! I'm a career instructor and use this everyday!
Jakkie de vries
Great app. Can we have Nav log load and save option like on desktop verson? Also, a reverse option of Nav log record would be a great feature, like log from A to B point and reverse from B to A point.
Amir Perviz
it takes 5 minutes to do weight and balance calc. Getting the weather on a distant airport took all of 5 seconds. Are you sure $4.99 is enough? An excellent app.
Len Emery