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About 1C:Orders

1C:Orders - is an application implemented on the mobile version of the platform 1C: Enterprise 8.

The application is designed for sales managers and sales representatives,
who need to take orders from customers mobile, out of the office.
The application allows easy recording of orders, payments, claims for refund from clients
reference list of customers and interact with them, maintaining a list of products and prices.

The app allows you to:
- To register clients and information on them - the name, the form of ownership; legal information, delivery conditions (time, address), contact information (name, address, phone, email);
- Make calls, write SMS or email to the client;
- Maintain a list of items - you can specify the name of one or more of the price, part number, unit of measurement, the rate of VAT, the barcode.
  If necessary, you can group products in an arbitrary basis; Search the list can be done by barcode using the built-in camera of the mobile device;
- Automatically download the prices of goods from a Microsoft Excel file (XML spreadsheet);
- To accept orders for goods and services from the customer using the "Recycle Bin", which is available:
    quick product search by name, the article;
    Search products by barcode using the built-in camera of the mobile device;
    filter by product groups;
    Filter for the ordered goods;
- Taking orders immediately after the registration of the client;
- Send order information to the client email in .pdf, .mxl format;
- Send invoices to the customer's email in .pdf format, .mxl;
- Send the price list to the email client in the .pdf format, .mxl;
- Output documents and price lists to the printer;
- Grant discounts percentage or amount;
- To add new products or services at the time of acceptance of the order, including via a mobile device built-in camera, by reading the barcode;
- To quickly browse urgent, overdue, current and completed orders;
- Register the payment from the customer how to order, and without foundation;
- To register the application for the return of goods from the customer;
- To create jobs on the client visit.

The app can be used completely independently, it can also be synchronized with the automation system installed in the office.
At the moment, this application solution 1C: Trade Management 8, edition 11, 1C: Integrated Automation 2.0 and 1C: Enterprise Management ERP 2.
When the synchronization is automatically populated with information about products, prices, customers, terms of sales and order status.
The "basket" given the ability to filter products by their presence in the warehouses of the enterprise indicating the available quantity.
Additional details of the directories and documents that are configured for the exchange is also transferred.
When you set up push-notifications exchange of application solutions, you can send arbitrary push-notifications to the users' mobile devices.

The interface is optimized for smartphones and tablets.

it is recommended to backup your data before updating the application.
For application in synchronization mode requires a solution 1C: Trade Management 8 version of not lower than 11.4
or 1C: Integrated Automation 2 or 1C: Enterprise Management of ERP 2 edition not less than 2.4, and connected to the Internet.
For the first synchronization WiFi connection is recommended.

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User friendly and nice sales app...only thing which I didn't like is that was not possible to change the VAT value to other then 18% or 10%...
Previa UK Limited
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