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AirTag Detector Free-Bluetooth Scanner Screenshot 0
AirTag Detector Free-Bluetooth Scanner Screenshot 1

About AirTag Detector Free-Bluetooth Scanner

Allow Android users to actively discover the airtags around them. Click to open the SCAN and find the available devices around you, effectively preventing the invasion of privacy by airtags. Convenient and fast, worth having.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please leave a comment or send an email to the developer.

When there is a suspicious AirTag moving with you, you can quickly find it during the application scanning process.

Together we make the application better.

I open the Bluetooth of my other clpn then I open the bottons of the airbag detector which is the botton of the "others"then the Mac.addrs.was came out & also the distance of the other unit was came out,a di...
sasuke edyaku