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About Bundle Breaking News

Bundle is the top–rated news aggregator in App Store, delivering all the news stories that matter to you.

• All the news across the globe – A selection of over 10.000 (and growing) news outlets, sources, online publishers, magazines, newspapers, columns and blogs from 18 countries, available for adding to your personal collection.

• Personalized and unbiased – Follow news stories from the news outlets only you decide. Read the content of publishers you deem objective and impartial. Create and access the collection of your favorite and most trusted sources via ‘My Bundle’. *NEW* Sort ‘My Bundle’ by categories for better access, and prioritize your favorite categories!

• Breaking news alerts – Get instant push notifications for major developing stories and stay updated. *NEW* Never miss an alert! All past notifications now in one place.

• Unparalleled search feature – Our vastly improved search function delivers best results for both Articles and Sources; bringing you whatever you are looking for just in moments; scanning all the news, blogs, magazines, articles, titles, columnists and more. The best part? It's free!

• Offline mode – Taking the subway? We got you covered! Once an article appears in your newsfeed, it will be accessible even if you go offline.

• Reader mode – Not happy with the way a web page displays content? Remove the clutter and focus on the ‘actual’ content instead.

• Browse content from various topics – Delve into 20+ categories and discover the most popular stories: Be it whether business, technology, sports, science, entertainment, opinion, metro, fashion… and more. *NEW* Discover section now even more dynamic!

• Discover local stories – Switch between global news, and news from the US, the UK, Germany, and Turkey.

• Save for later – Interested in reading an article but short on time? Bookmark and read when it is convenient!

• Daily editorial picks – Check out ‘Daily Bundle’ for the most inspiring, enlightening and empowering content.

• Photo stories – A constantly updating, curated collection of the most beautiful shots in fashion, lifestyle and press photography.

• Easy to use, hard to give up – Bundle offers a top-notch user experience with its award-winning design and intuitive interface. Pick among 3 viewing modes: List view, Grid view or Card view. Disable article thumbnails when you’re running low on your data plan. Login with your social media accounts and sync your saved articles and followed publishers across all platforms and on all your devices.

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For more information please visit our website:
Follow us on and @bundle_news on Twitter
Your opinion is always welcome, please send your comments and feedback to [email protected]

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Bundle?

Bundle is a news aggregator app that delivers news stories from various sources.

How many news outlets are available on Bundle?

Bundle offers over 10,000 news outlets from 18 countries.

Can I personalize the news I receive on Bundle?

Yes, you can choose to follow news stories from the news outlets of your choice.

Does Bundle provide breaking news alerts?

Yes, Bundle sends instant push notifications for major developing stories.

Is there an offline mode in Bundle?

Yes, you can access articles even when you are offline.

What is the search feature like on Bundle?

Bundle has an improved search function that delivers the best results for articles and sources.

Are there different viewing modes on Bundle?

Yes, Bundle offers three viewing modes: List view, Grid view, and Card view.

Can I save articles for later reading on Bundle?

Yes, you can bookmark articles and read them when it is convenient for you.

Does Bundle offer daily editorial picks?

Yes, you can check out the "Daily Bundle" section for inspiring and empowering content.

How can I contact Bundle for additional information or feedback?

For more information, visit their website or send comments and feedback to [email protected].
Macit beştav
Great news app with perfect design
Ercan Varol
Sharon likes this thank you have me bank with you
Sharon Heard
Seymur Abdullazadə
Samet Efe
I especially love the widget that lets me scroll and preview 12+ headlines at a time before I drill down for more detailed news. And you can customize with your pick of news sources!
Wendel Tse