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About Netatmo average temperature

Shows average temperature for selected module of netatmo weather station(for rain module shows only sums of rainfalls) and selected time interval with comparison of other available years. This function is missing in native app provided by Historical temperature data is taken from API

For outdoor and indoor modules:
- Shows maximum and minimum temperature for selected time interval
- Shows date and time of occurence of maximum a minimum temperature
- Shows difference between average temperature in selected time interval and average temperature of other available years
- No historical temperature and rainfalls data is stored on your phone
- Saves last selected date interval for next average temperature calculation
- Shows bar charts with average, max and min temperature in selected time interval
- Shows line chart of historical temperature for all available years

For rain module:
- Shows sums of rainfalls
- Shows difference between rainfall in selected time interval and rainfalls of other available years
- Shows bar chart with sums of rainfalls in selected time interval

Works good