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About CashMaster

CashMaster is a one stop shop for all your financial needs. You can get Personal Loans.

Age requirement must be above 21+ years old
Loan Amount:from Rs 5000 to Rs 20000
Low interest rates: Annualized rates, up to 35.6% and as low as 0%.
Loan period:120 days(minimum)-366 days(Maximum)
GST: 18% of Processing Fee
Processing Fee: Range from Rs 54 ~ Rs 540 for one-time charge

For example, if the loan amount is 5,000 rupees, the annualized interest rate is 30%, and the period is 91 days. After deducting the service fee, the interest payable is as follows: 5000*30%/365*91=375 rupees. the total amount due would be Rs 5375.

If you have any questions about using CashMaster, please contact our online staff for assistance.
Working Hours: 9 am to 18 pm (Monday to Friday)
Mail: [email protected]
Address: Vaishnavi , No. 7/C, 9th Main, 80 Feet Rd, 8rd Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 56003