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About Meditation KIDS

When a child is tired, with just a little calming of the mind it becomes very easy to fall asleep. Meditation consists basically in drawing attention away from one’s thoughts and quieting the mind. Therefore, these relaxation exercises or meditations designed for children help them fall asleep quickly. In these meditations, I guide the child to take his mind off his thoughts and focus on breathing, or on the body, or sounds, relaxing more and more, until he falls asleep.

Taking advantage of the fact that the application could include some more exercises or meditations, I decided to add certain meditations, which I think could offer a lot to a child and be useful to him throughout his life, such as: knowing how to accept feelings of anger or frustration with calm and without falling into the vortex of compulsive thinking, or realizing the joy that comes from being a person who is grateful for all the good there is in life, or learning to be calm in the different situations one can encounter. They are tools that are not explicitly taught to us anywhere and that can help us throughout life, especially if internalized from childhood.

The application includes the following meditations:

In Search of Treasure: It is an exercise to draw the attention away from thoughts, focusing on breathing, until the child is calm and usually falls asleep.

Peaceful Sleep: This is to try to relax all parts of the body, little by little and in a peaceful way until the child becomes increasingly more relaxed and quickly falls asleep.

I Am an Active Volcano: It is an exercise to accept the feelings of anger or frustration calmly, without falling into compulsive thinking.

I Do Not Want to be a Whiner: This is a guided meditation exercise to make the child see that complaining about things that have no solution does not help anything and when they are thankful for things that they have, they feel much better.