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About Bristol Community College

Welcome to Bristol Community College’s official mobile app! This free app brings the college to your fingertips. Stay on top of your classes, assignments and events with the built-in calendar function, and get notified of important dates deadlines. Access campus resources at any time!

Some other exciting features include:

+ ACADEMICS: real-time access to all of the critical academic tools.
+ DEADLINES: Stay on top of multiple deadlines with push notifications. You can receive reminders, alerts and critical notifications.
+ CLASSES: Manage classes, view cancellations, create to-dos & reminders and stay on top of assignments.
+ EVENTS: Discover campus events and set reminders.
+ CAMPUS SERVICES: Learn about services offered, such as Academic Advising, Financial Aid & Counseling.
+ PUSH NOTIFICATIONS: Receive important campus notifications.
+ CAMPUS MAP: Find the quickest route to classes, events, and offices.

So far the app is useful.
Jillian Fogarty-Frias
App is well made helps with everything you need for school
Felix Maddox
Its indeed a good app. I am loving it
Lillian Eke