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About dSTAR iCommunicator

dSTAR Lab’s iCommunicator is a secure messaging system that allows users to communicate through secure messaging, audio and video calls. All means of communication are end-to-end encrypted to ensure the highest level of privacy for our users.

The iCommunicator is multi-platform, running on Android, iOS, Windows and OSX. Whether on your mobile device or on your personal computer, you’ll always be able to stay in touch with loved ones, colleagues, and pretty much anyone!

Features and functionalities provided by the iCommunicator:

- Private & Group Chats - The next generation of messengers, that includes a variety of messaging options, such as disappearing messages, hidden messages, flickering messages that we added for you to protect your messaging content and information.

- Audio Calls
Participate in fast, high quality audio calls with multiple people!

-Translator - Tear down the language barrier! Translate your messages to and from a wide range of supported languages automatically!

To learn more about dSTAR iCommunicator, visit our website