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About Falco Flash 2.0 (ANT+)

March 12, 2017

This release has the same motor control capability as the PC and MAC version. Torque sensor and individual power level adjustments are added. Future releases will target important data logging capability.

March 26, 2016

This release has some significant updates. Compatibility with the number of devices is increased substantially. Cardio control is refined considerably. Power training module is more dynamic than before. eBike data is quite a bit more accurate.

Have fun and let us know how did it work out for you!

Dec 24, 2015
The app is renamed as Falco Flash. Falco Flash has updated user interface graphics for better readability with additional functionality.

Assistance level can be increased by swapping the finger in the upward direction on the main screen (swap length should be more than 1 inch) once Hx motor is connected.

Do the same by swapping the finger downwards (swap length should be more than 1 inch) to decrease assistance level.

Connect and disconnect Falco Flash by using the single button on the main screen (White/blue round color button on the main screen-White for Start, Blue for Stop).

Emergency Stop can be activated by activating the Emergency Stop (Red Color) button on the main screen. Emergency Stop button will set the motor power level to -3.

The main screen also shows the total duration of time for which Falco Flash has been connected to the Motor.

Battery charge level is shown in a graphical form of the main screen. (Minimum battery voltage should be 30V).

The following has been added/improved:

WH/Miles, WH/Miles remaining. ODO(Distance) meter using Miles. CRM (Wheel Circumference) reset and Motor Temperature.

Known Issues
App does not respond or minimize by using the Android back button. Use the Android Home button to minimize the App and have it run in the background.

Currently the app graphics works for screen sizes 2.7", 5.0", 7" and 10". Other screen sizes have graphical issues.

Feb 14, 2015
Before installing the APP, please be sure to install ANT USB Service and ANT Radio Service. The APP (beta version) will work with the a USB compatible phone and it requires an ANT USB stick for Android. The app has the following functions:

Main Screen

Display speed in MPH or KPH
Display level of assistance
Display energy draw from the battery

Cardio Control (Beta)

- Motor drive will either regenerate or provide assistance based on the target hear rate. You will need an ANT+ heart rate sensor for this purpose.

Power Training Module (Beta)

-Set a target power level you can generate. Once you reach the target power level, motor will assist beyond that power level

Off Road Mode

-Remove the road legal speed limit when in off-road mode. Available for off-road models only

eBike Data (Beta)

- Voltage (V)
- Current (A)
- Watt Hours Consumed
- Watt Hours Remaining
- Watt Hour/KM
- Distance (Km)

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Brilliant not just that this exists, but it works so well. Thanks Falco. And the wheel is awesome.
Rod Read
Many manufactures can look up to this company..