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About Dr. Panda Ice Cream Truck Free

Dr. Panda Ice Cream Truck is FREE for you to play!

Chocolate? Vanilla? Strawberry? All three!? You decide! In Dr. Panda Ice Cream Truck you can mix up all sorts of different flavors with cookies, chocolate, nuts and more to make the perfect ice cream—hundreds of combinations in all.

Scoop it!
These animals love ice cream, and will eat as much (or little) as you want to serve them. You can make scoops big or small and pile them as high as you want—using any of the ice cream you’ve created!

Toppings galore!
Use chocolate syrup, cookies, candies and decorations to make your ice cream as good to look at as it is to eat. The only limit is your own imagination!

And don’t forget to let customers eat your creations once you’ve finished, they’ll let you know how delicious it was!

Key Features:

- Invent your own ice cream flavors—nearly limitless combinations!
- Add cookies, candy, nuts, fruit and more!
- Dozens of toppings to use!
- Unique reactions from every animal depending on what you make!

**This free version of Dr. Panda Ice Cream Truck has identical content from the previous paid version, if you have the paid version you can continue using that by going to My Apps->Purchased in your Google Play settings.

Please note: Dr. Panda Ice Cream Truck Free features kid-friendly advertisements that can be removed via a one-time in-app purchase. You can review your purchase preferences in your account settings to set or maintain password protection for making purchases.

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About Dr. Panda

Dr. Panda is a developer of games for kids. We develop games with educational values that help kids learn about the world.

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I love it and my sister love it to i love. It to i made a ice cream
Aileen Navarro
This is so perfect!
Samantha Jacuilmo
Angelo Marvellous
This is da best Food game I ever played in my ENTIREEE life, SCREEEEEEEE
Rolynne Antonette Apostol
I love ice cream. My friend has it on her ipad so i wanna play as well.💗😻🍦🍧🍨
Jacqueline Shaeffer
Its a good game I love it
vilma fuentes