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About MIDI Keyboard

• 88-key piano with high quality sound.
• Responsive multi-touch keyboard.
• Connects to external MIDI devices.

MIDI Features:

• Connect your Android device to a computer using a regular USB cable to allow communication between the app and your favorite Digital Audio Workstation!

• Use a USB OTG adapter to use your Android device as a host for a physical MIDI Keyboard. The app can then send and receive Note On/Note Off MIDI data. You can even use the app as a soundbank for your MIDI keyboard, complete with sustain pedal support!

NOTE: It may be necessary to change the USB configuration of your Android device to "MIDI" when connecting to a computer, as well as enabling the device in your DAW.

Check out this excellent video by one of our users for an example on how to set up the app:

Thank you for this amazing app
Phenomenal app, but it seems that you can't rotate the phone when using it, which is sad for something so basic to lack.
Manuel Novoa
This is a very nice app if you don't have a midi keyboard this app is going to help you a lot
Only a Simple gamer gamer