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About Miles Calls

Miles Calls is an odometer which announces once in a mile how many miles or kilometers you've already managed. Use it while hiking, running or riding bicycle - no more laborious looking up of mobile phone needed! Moreover it's a robust app with little battery consumption.
Please note: This is not a pedometer! Display is updated not every meter but once in 50 meters or more.

Just click on the button which shows your activity to start tracking - in 'running mode' and 'bicycle mode' GPS position is queried more often than in 'hiking mode' as your position changes more often. Also, do not forget to set the volume high enough so you are able to hear the announcements.

More Features
★ The path is visualized by stars so that you can see how it roughly looks like. During the tour or when your tour is finished watch the path on a map (Google Maps)!
★ All your tours are saved automatically in a list for you (max. 500)
New feature: Your photos on the road are linked to the map, watch this video:

★ After you finished the track you can share your track as image on WhatsApp or send it vie email to a friend
★ Miles Calls can be configured in various ways - notification interval, measure unit (km or miles), notification type (speech, vibration), draw path or not.
★ Also you can set the pitch and speech rate for the voice which announces the covered track as it suits you best
★ Winter sports - just click on icon on right upper side and uncover them!

The technology used in Miles Calls is limited by the accuracy of the GPS sensor in the smartphone. In order to make measurement more robust and to save battery Miles Calls uses geostatistical corrections and updates in intervals of approx. 150 Meter.

Miles Calls does not store your tracking data on a server - the tracking data is only stored in the app. It also does not fetch advertisements from internet.

Saddam Mondal
Minakshi Kotali
I liked it immediately, since my previous walking app did not give verbal mile splits. They are critical to my pacing during walks. I am retired and am 5,000 logged miles to date.
Steve Berry