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About Jharkhand Land Records Jharbhoomi online

The revenue department in Jharkhand has an online portal named Jharbhoomi, to provide online records of land, making land purchase easier, while also limiting the scope of any wrongdoing.

Listed below are some of the documents that users can view on the Jharbhoomi portal:
Land record details, Mutation documents, Revenue and registry records, Record of change of ownership of a land parcel, Land transfer, Tax/lagan payment, Revenue update

Purpose of Jharbhoomi
Provide land record details (khasra and khata) to the citizens of the state.
Transfer of land for schemes and projects.
Digitisation of revenue and registry records.
Online mutation of lands.
Online payment of land tax.
Prevention against land- or property-related fraudulent activities.

How to get land records online in Jharkhand?
Where can I check land records online in Jharkhand?
What is khasra/khesra (खेसरा)?
What is khata number?
What is khatauni?
What is khewat number?
What is mutation?
How to view khesra details on Jharbhoomi?
How to pay lagan online?
How to file a complaint on Jharbhoomi?
How to register as khatian?
What is Register-II or पंजी-II?
How to register as Register II?
How to use Jharbhoomi portal for online tax payment
How to check application status on Jharbhoomi

जमीन का रसीद कैसे देखे Jharkhand?, खाता प्लॉट कैसे देखें?, झारखण्ड का खतियान कैसे देखे?, 1932 का खतियान क्या है?, ऑनलाइन रसीद कैसे घटाएं?, रैयती जमीन क्या है?, खतियान कब बना?, जमीन का पर्चा कैसे निकाले?, जमाबंदी कैसे देखे?

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